My artwork is rooted in my long experience as a journalist and nearly two decades studying East Asian calligraphy.

Art making enables me to see the world's beauty with more delight and to witness its tragedy with more clarity and compassion.

Living in Japan for seven years, especially studying calligraphy, helped me discover the elegance of understatement, as well as the power of emptiness. The vibrant earthiness of my hometown, Chicago, taught me to search for complex texture beneath the surface. My 35-year journalism career also shapes my work. Storytelling remains important to me, though my tools have changed.

Emotion, ideas, and playfulness are fundamental in my artwork, though not always with the same emphasis or priority.

Sometimes I start with an idea, as in the Abyss series, which explores the monstrous division between rich and poor. Some work begins with play, and the ideas follow -- or not.

Intuition is the path to my subconscious, my heart, and my truth. And, it is that authenticity, I believe, that provides a crucial link to the viewer.